Turn Your Eyes: A New Perspective

Some people have good intentions, some for evil. It’s a basic human truth we learn as children, along with the knowledge that life isn’t fair. However, we are also taught and treated as though we can do or be anything we want. We are given this sense of entitlement through determination provided by parents or other elders in our youth. This doesn’t leave much room for let down, certain failure and continuous disappointment. In the days where anything is possible, we just don’t know how to deal with let down.

I do honestly believe that there are more good intentions in this world than there are bad, but that doesn’t mean that good intentions cannot lead us astray. We are all different; different look, different cultures, different viewpoints and opinions, and that’s okay. We have the right to our own view, just as we have the right to remove ourselves from those whom we wish not to interact with for one reason or another. Coexisting is something we all must learn to do, as we occupy the same planet. But not everybody will like everybody. Liars, bigots and racists will always exist. And while they do not have the right to violence, they do have the right to personal opinion and voice just as everyone else.

What we are responsible for is our response to what we see and hear. And where do you think they will be if we do not take the time to listen to their foolish rants? If instead of flooding our TV screens, our social media pages and our ranting videos with the poison being spread, we started to change our perspective and find the love, hope and beauty in the world, even in the pain. Perhaps we would see a change.

Forget the faces of the ones who seek to insight violence. Turn to the children, whose eyes are filled with innocence. Look to the man who feeds the homeless, the woman who runs the abuse shelter, the organizations that saves lives daily when they were about to give up forever; but found help just in time. Look to the police who risk their lives to keep us safe, the firemen who stay up days to protect our homes, the doctors and nurses that don’t ever rest their feet for 24 hour shifts to look after the hurting and sick.

Then step out and look at the artists who paint and create, spreading color to our world and reminding us to find beauty. Listen to the singers and watch the dancers as their passion pours out in everything they do.

Take time to praise the entrepreneurs who are not afraid of hard work and taking a chance to build a better world for us all. Those that keep their head up and refuse to lose their spirit in the face of negativity. These are the things and people who our eyes and ears should attend to.

We were given this world, and we must treat it with love and respect, along with those around us. Don’t lose hope and don’t give up. There is more beauty if only we will open our eyes to look at it.


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