My Desire. My Purpose. My Legacy. 

I want to see something beautiful. I want to be amazed. I want to be perched on top of a mountain and look down upon a city of pearl, the golden light of the sun reflecting off its rooftops. I want to swim through waters of crystal blue and feel the freedom of the waves pressing by. I want to breathe in air that tickles my senses with blossoms and fresh fruit. I want to live, really live until my heart is so full I believe it might burst from within me. And with that full heart I want to dust the whole earth with love like sparkles raining from the sky. When I die my legacy, if I should leave one, will be that of a rainbow, of a desire to share hope, peace and joy to every corner of the nation and the world. I will not give up until I see a world full of smiles, hear it full of laughter, see it full of color and know it alive with passion. I want to see a better world, and for my part, for what I touch, I will try. This is my purpose. 

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