The Ugly Truth of Weight Loss

A year ago I was on cloud nine, me and my handsome husband who had recently reached his weight loss goals and I was on my way to mine. Getting healthy and active, I was feeling good and confident. Then our schedules changed dramatically. My husband began a two hour daily commute which left me doing everything to care for our child daily. Wake up, feed, dress, send to school, I’d go to work, when I got off I’d pick him up, feed him, bath, get ready for bed, all trying to fit in time to do any type of cleaning and maybe get five minutes to sit down. My husband generally got home sometime after bedtime and then it was his turn. 

Getting used to this new routine was hard. Fitting in grocery shopping on the weekend seemed to never happen since we were trying to recover from the week and catch up on everything. It was an ugly cycle that we could never get on top of. 

During this time, my husband and I both gained back the weight we had both lost. Because here is the thing about weight loss, the ugly truth no one talks about, since it’s not the fun thing but it’s the reality. If you don’t stay consistent–if what you do to become healthy and fit does not become a lifestyle but rather is just a short term program to make you temporarily what you want to be–it won’t stick. 

“You are what you eat.” Well it’s true. Everything you put into your body has an impact on you physically and mentally. So when you’re running through the drive through or eating pizza and ice cream as your regular diet, you are going to gain weight, you are going to be more tired, unmotivated and generally just feel like crap. But when you start filling your body with good food and get active, you’ll find yourself more positive, resting better, motivated and happy with your body. 

Yes, you know this, you’ve heard it all before. And I’m not here to promote any diet plans because a lot of them are the same. The thing is consistency. You can’t expect to just get to where you want to be and be done, not care anymore and expect your body to stay how you want it. Life takes work, responsibility and that includes what you do with your body. 

You want a nicer house, car, a better job? You have to work for it. You want a good relationship, marriage that you want to last? You have to work for it. You want to be fit, healthy and happy? Guess what, you have to work for it, and keep working for it for the rest of your life. 

Don’t let this be discouraging, let it be motivating. I feel like we try too hard to find easy steps to everything when the greatest reward comes from determination and hard work. So don’t give up, my friends. You are worth it! I know, my husband and I are already back at it ourselves. It’s even harder work then it was before, but we are doing it and we will not give up! 

Don’t be afraid of hard work. Don’t back down from the challenge. Don’t see anything as too far or unachievable. It will take time and effort, but it will be worth it. 

Keep on!


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