A Mom With A Dream

It was the perfect setting, my child in bed, my husband off relaxing, in my creative room “Ucornia” as I have named it, a lit candle, the perfect music, finally cleaned off my desk, relaxing in my chair, ready to write…. and my software has to update. And as its slowly updating, I realize it’s after 10pm already and I have to be up at 5am to get all three of us ready, send off my husband, take my kid to school and get to my big girl job. Responsibilities come first, they have to. For tonight, I must give up, so I leave my computer to update and head to bed with my man. 

Working a full time job, being a mom, a wife and having dreams for yourself is a lot to fit into a 7 day week. I know I’m not alone in the struggle, and we can’t give up. Not on any part of it! Our family is our world, the light that keeps us going. Our jobs help us live, survive and hopefully thrive. I’m blessed with a job I actually like which is a bonus! But we have to leave room for our dreams. The “who we want to be” when we grow up. We don’t have to stop shooting for our goals just because we have responsibilities. Balance, my loves. Your family must come first, but don’t lose yourself in it. 

Tomorrow, after work, after school work, I’ll pick up the computer and try again. I’ll keep pushing, keep striving until I reach my goal. Then push for another one. I won’t give up and neither should you. We were meant to live. We were meant to thrive!

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