Breast Cancer Month

We are all individuals; we come from different places, backgrounds and cultures. Every story is unique and every dream its own. But on months like this where we shine light on a devastating disease like breast cancer, something that brings so much pain, we find ourselves brought together in love, kindness and great compassion. It has already been said that every person has been touched by breast cancer in some way. We’ve seen our loved ones fight, fought through ourselves or even lost loved ones in the fight. And while words cannot describe how heartbreaking and devastating this is, when we stand together and walk, when we wear pink, when we donate to research, encourage survivors and write all of their beautiful names on the wall, we are coming together to let cancer know that it has a strong hand, but we have stronger hearts, and we will never give up until there is a cure.

Do not lose hope and don’t ever give up. Thank you for standing together and remember that we all make a difference!

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