Sparkle Kept Underground

Look around you, what do you see? I’ll bet if you ask most people, they’ll say they see devastation, disaster, tragedy and heartbreak. Do you see the love? Do you see the ones that speak words of hope, peace and spread light to the overwhelming darkness? If only you would open your hearts and your eyes you would see, there is more love than hate. But love is silenced and hate screams louder.

Every day I am surrounded by people who speak words that say they want Spirit. To see others shine light and encourage those around them. They want people to step in, to build each other up and to get involved in every opportunity. But the moment you start to speak, when your light starts to shine just a little too bright, your legs will be broken from beneath you faster than you got up there.

I am now Anonymous. If I want to be a shining light, then I must do it in the darkness where no one can see, under a name of someone others can accept. I cannot speak my own words unless no one finds it was me. Only then can I touch people. Only then can I make a difference.

The world wants a hero. The world wants love. The world wants to see unity and hope. But the world doesn’t want to see it from you—from me. Until it comes from the mouth of a stranger, any action or thought is mute.

So what now?

Until I know, I guess my name is Anonymous. One day, believe me, one day, you will know me by name.

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