Fear: The Other Side of Death

You know what makes death so frightening? I think it is the fear of the unknown or what we cannot see. No matter what you believe happens after taking your last breath, no matter how strongly you believe it, you will not see until you make it to that point of no return. Once it’s done, there is no going back to change anything. No time for one last prayer.

I had a dream last night, I was in the hospital bleeding out, the doctor said I would die in hours but I was pushing through longer than he said, willing myself to live, not ready to stand face to face with God or whatever I would meet with so many questions, so much uncertainty still inside me.

And while “faith without sight” is an easy way to brush someone off with questions, the follow through seems near impossible now.

Death could be far away, or unexpectedly close. In the blink of an eye everything can change, and all these questions still remain. Who has the answers? Is there really a truth that can settle all fear? Or will we just have to wait–wait till the point of no return?

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