100 Days of Joy: Day One

Today was a good day. Of course that is usually how the first day of any challenge or commitment goes, but today really was a good day and I’m holding on for more. 

Yesterday I was very sick with a cold. Last night I took some medicine, laid in bed and thought about today. I tried to picture it in my mind, which was hard, but still I laid my morning out in my head as best I could. I would get up and I would feel better, a lot better. I would go straight for the shower and turn on “Walking on Sunshine” to start my day upbeat. And it would be a good day. 

This morning when I woke up, I was world’s better from the day before. I climbed out of bed, set some biscuits in the oven for me and my boys and headed for the shower. Turning on “Walking on Sunshine”, I lost myself in steam and song. 

Work was really good, I accomplished so much in the time I was there and left feeling more than satisfied over my days performance. It also helped that while working I was listening to The Ellen Show and couldn’t contain my laughter even in my quiet cubical. 

Then, with a smile on my face and near skip in my step, I was off to my favorite part of the day; getting my hair done!

I’m so adventurous when it comes to my hair. The happiest I am is when I’m outwardly expressing my inner Unicorn! Anna (my styalist) gets me 100%! And the massage chair while getting my hair washed doesn’t hurt either. 😉

All through today I spoke positive words and images into everything I did. As I did this, I found myself being reminded of some of the beauty around me that I can often overlook when walking around with a negative attitude. Like the fact that almost every morning there are happy deer outside to greet me. (From afar, but still.)

Perspective and positivity certainly make a difference in each day and night. Let’s see how it continues! ♡

So today’s positivity workouts were:

1. Thinking ahead, trying to visualize the next day and what I would do to make it awesome.

2. Looking at things from a different perspective, finding the beauty in even the little things. 

3. Incorporate The Ellen Show to guarantee some laughter!

Well, that concludes day one. Time for some rest and another awesome day tomorrow!

Let me know how your day was, and share what keeps you motivated and excited for the days ahead. 


Erika The Unicorn queen

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