100 Days of Joy: Day Two

Today was a good day. Yes I know, I said the same thing yesterday. It’s just as true though. I’ve taken the rest if the week (today included) off of work for some much needed rest and of course family time tomorrow. It took everything I had to not log into work remotely and get some things done. Today was a day to rest though, and I’m so glad I did. 

I spent the entire day at home, per my 5 year olds request, and I didn’t realize how much I needed that until I got through it. I am a very on-the-go person. Literally not a day goes by that I don’t leave the house for something. Work, shopping, church, time with friends. I have a habit of trying to fit the most into every second as though if I don’t,  I’ll miss something. But today I told myself that there is a point of being driven, and then there is a point of slowing down to appreciate life. 

So today, my son and I just chilled at home. We played, watched movies, baked cupcakes! I never take the time to bake, it takes too much time, I have things to do and frankly, I’m not that great at it. But today, I helped my son and we baked cupcakes. It was so fun! 

Now, I have to be honest — I may have butchered the icing. I mean, it was so runny and tasted terrible! But the cupcakes were quite good and didn’t need the extra sweet. 

Throughout the day I took some time to relax and then I would get up to accomplish a small thing. It wasn’t big and I didn’t feel pressure, I just took my time and am very pleased with what I accomplished. I also got lots of happy cuddles and playtime with my sweet boy. ♡

Having a positive attitude and looking at things from the perspective of, “It will work out,” has already made a huge difference. If anything, it helps control my anxious mind. I didn’t realize how much I tended to think or imagine the worst happening until I stopped and paid attention. And all those thoughts do is cause stress, anxiety and invites distress into your life. So when those thoughts entered my mind, I would stop and say, “Nope!” I would then at least think and even try to imagine good and I feel so much better. 

Doing this made me think of a saying I’ve heard and even said so many times: Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. 

The thought process upfront seems like a smart thing. We can hope that good things come our way, but we are braced for anything. However, there is a difference between having car insurance and just keeping yourself prepared/looking out for the impending accident. If that’s what you think on, that’s what will inevitably happen.

So tomorrow my personal goal will be, more positive thoughts and words with my husband. I’ve found if he is sleepy and wanting space, I tend to say, “You don’t want me,” usually in an effort to get attention, of course. And it wasn’t until I said it tonight that I stopped and thought about how damaging speaking those words could be. So tomorrow, I’m going to work on changing my language to be more hopeful and loving even when he is sleepy or grumpy.

As for now, let me know what your go-to happy music is. Having a personal dance party is always good for the soul. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travels tomorrow. 


Erika the Unicorn Queen 

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