Thankful for my Husband

This Thanksgiving I want to thank the Lord above for my wonderful husband. He may seem quiet to some or strongly opinionated to others, but at the end of the day he is the one I lay next to every night, nussled under the crook of his arm and love that this is my life. 

My husband is hard working. He is passionate about his craft and works extra hard to improve his position and provide for our family. 

My husband is an amazing father. Watching him with our son, how he lays down on the ground to be at his playing level, how he shares the love of Ninjas and Superheroes, and how he takes the time every chance he can to have one on one time, making him feel like a big man. 

My husband gives the best kisses and hugs. And I’m thankful that for every kiss, every warm embrace and every gentle touch — every night spent together and every adventure that we take — they only continue to multiply all the love that’s ahead. 

My husband is my best friend, and today I thank God that I am his and he is mine — forever. 

I love you ♡

What are you thankful for today? Share your blessings below!


Erika the Unicorn Queen 

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