100 Days of Joy: Day Five ft. Charlotte Flair

Today was an AMAZING day!! Yes, we hit next level awesome because today I got to meet Ms Charlotte Flair, Queen and Goddess of WWE!

It was an early morning, getting to Barnes and Noble to be the 16th in line buying  “Second Nature” written by Ric and Charlotte Flair, the ticket into getting an autograph from The Queen herself when she arrived at noon. 

The air was bitter cold, but bundled in my jacket, all I felt was the quickening of my heartbeat as the clock counted down to the main event. I won’t lie, I was disappointed when I realized I was so far in the line already, but glad I got there when I did because the line only grew til there were about 50 people lined against the outside wall, waiting for the store to open it’s doors. 

Before 9am when they opened, they started letting in groups of 10 to buy their book and then return to waiting outside until 9am. As the first group came out with their books and wristbands to claim their spot in the first hundred, I noticed they all went off to do other things until it got closer to 12. This got me excited, I may yet have the chance to be first in line for the signing. And sure enough, I did. As others went off to grab breakfast and coffee, I sat my butt down right next to the velvet line, claiming my stop, and dove in to my new book. 

In the time I waited I was able to read about Ric Flair’s rise to fame and retirement storyline from his perspective. My husband is the lifelong Ric Flair fan, I’m more familiar with Charlotte, but getting to read his story from his perspective was gripping, I literally got chills. 

I read more about Charlotte, when she started and how the motivation and drive was all her own. Triple H gave her all the warnings, she’d have to work harder and push past boundaries of her name and fathers reputation to make a name for herself. But joining the WWE Woman’s Division was her passion, and even with all the warnings, she wanted to do it. 

Charlotte Flair has certainly made a name for herself as a freaking badass! She currently holds the Smackdown Woman’s Championship Title and has so much ahead of her. Draped in robes reminiscent of her father’s, Charlotte is becoming an icon all her own. 

Today, after a wait that was well worth it, I got to meet the woman in flesh. When she entered the Bookstore with a radiant smile and fury pink coat, where other stars may be greeted with squeals and cheers, Charlotte was met with a loud “Woooh!” that echoed all through the store, and she answered with a sweet wave and beaming smile. A true Queen!

We had all been strictly warned to stay back and that someone would transfer the books from us to her, but when I walked up, she reached straight for my book and as I gushed out praise she just offered her hand with exquisite grace to shake mine, expressing her pleasure to meet me as well. Oh she was so sweet and kind. 

I have no regrets from today, the wait, the hunger and thirst that were not worth moving from my spot for, all of it was worth seeing the Champion in person. 

What a day! 

How was your Saturday spent? Did you do anything exciting? Let me know. 

Don’t forget that you can keep up with my shenanigans throughout the day by following me on Twitter @unicornandlatte 

Spread love, sparkles, smiles and live your best life. 


Erika the Unicorn Queen 

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