100 Days of Joy: Day Eight

Today, I am happy. Really happy. 

I know yesterday my blog was a little more serious with some honesty that wasn’t so sweet. I ended by letting you guys know:

“Tomorrow, I will get up, shower, dress and makeup. I’ll go to work with a smile on my face. I’ll speak words of Joy, health, wealth and love into myself and those around me. Tomorrow will be a good day.”

Overnight, my whole outlook was turned around. It was hard getting out of bed this morning, but when I did I hit the shower, dressed, did the little bit of makeup I had time for, and I was off to work with a smile on my face. 

When sending my husband off he thought I was up to something because I was so giddy. “Just in a good mood,” I assured him. 

Then as I went to sit in my car, my pants slit all the way from my crotch to my knee. Normally, something like this would make me upset, maybe even cry. But today, my outlook would not be ruined by a pair of pants. I changed, and made it to work all in one piece, and with an extra joyous spirit. 

It’s been a week and already I see how much our outlook effects our day to day. Nothing spectacular happened today, it was a “normal day.” But my outlook and positivity took the day from bland to wonderful. 

I also listened more to, “The Game of Life and How to Play”. I was reminded of some more things it points out about how you must not only speak things into your life, but also make a way for them. I was motivated to come home and declutter, doing some things I’ve been pushing off. 

Sometimes focusing on good and remaining positive is harder than others– don’t give up. On the days it’s hard, push through and hang on for tomorrow. On the easy days, embrace it and hang on to the momentum for tomorrow. 

Here is to 

Every plan my Father in heaven has not planned now dissipates, and the divine plan now comes to pass for right convictions.

Here is to another wonderful day and week to follow. Remain in light and raining glitter. 


Erika the Unicorn Queen 

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