100 Days of Joy: Day Nine

Challenge me. No seriously, tell me something that makes you happy or share an idea of something for me to check out or do in the next coming days. 

I think part of a positive life is experiences, doing something everyday to make it count. 

Walking through the office today, my heart awakened with so much happiness as I saw the lights and glitter from Christmas decorations going up. This time of year can be one of the easiest times to find joy — pending you can stay free of the family drama that often comes with it. Putting up the couple decorations I had brought so much joy.

This year will be a Christmas like never before. I will have experiences and I will present my friends and family with gifts I know they will love. This year, I will be full of life, joy, health, wealth and perfect self expression. It is my divine right, as it is yours, and I am claiming it. 

For today, I woke up and did my makeup. I’ve found taking the time to do my hair and face gives me so much more motivation and confidence for my day. What motivates you? 

Happiness, my friends. Let us all live in the pure happiness of life and love. Tonight I sit here tonight wanting to write, but feeling a little lost. I’m going to release it all to God and open myself to his plan and desire. I do this not in fear because I know my God plans my best. 

Until tomorrow–


Erika the Unicorn Queen 

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