100 Days of Joy: Day Eleven 

Remaining positive takes a very conscious effort. If you’re set on autopilot, the media, news, your feed, all of these will send you to where it wants, and that’s usually not a good spot. 

I fell into this trap a little bit, as I was driving my son to school this morning I realized we were both in a low zone. Not bad, but not good. When I asked him if he was ready for an awesome day, instead of saying, “Yeah!” Like normal, he shrugged. I had to turn this around. 

I put Taylor Swift’ s new CD in my player and flipped to #6 “Look What You Made Me Do”. My son loves this song and a smile and giggles were finally returned as we had an in car dance party. 

A mini dance party, no matter where you are, really can turn a mood and even day around. 

By 10am Demi Lovato’s new video was out and I about lost it! (See previous blog on that.)

Later that day we were on our way to see my brothers and sisters in a church Christmas play in the small town I grew up in. Turning onto the street, I passed a home with Christmas lights all over the house and wrapped around the cross in their front yard. I smiled and my heart warmed. They’ve been doing those same lights every year since I was 6 years old. Twenty years later I’m driving by and the familiarity from my childhood made me so happy. 

The Christmas play itself may be worth it’s own post. I’d seen the play before, at least 14 years prior, but the one part I knew was coming at the end, the girl playing Mary would break down. 

The play was about a family of kids that bullied the church children at school. Upon hearing there were snacks in Sunday school, these bad, dirty children show up at church, much to everyone’s dismay. The whole congregation is in fear and distres  as they try to figure out how to deal with the “situation,” saying they should probably cancel their Christmas play that these kids have now decided to join. 

It turns out though, these kids had never been told the story of Jesus before, and while the play was clever and funny, this one fact struck home and hurt — the thought of someone being looked at so belittling, not taking the time to see if they even know the story of Jesus. 

After all the drama and laughs, the mean girl that had taken the part of Mary was so strongly effected that by the end of their play within the play, Mary was crying, overwhelmed by the beautiful story of Jesus. She went from carrying the doll by the leg to wrapping it in a blanket and snuggling it sweetly. 

There were plenty of jokes about fathers not wanting to come and endless treats being provided because Pastors are rich — even two overly enthusiastic firemen bursting through the scene over a bit of smoke and burned pie. There were laughs and a real message shone through about love and openness. 

We ended the day by joining my mom and the siblings of mine that appeared in the play for cookies at Chic-fil-a –the small town’s new greatest treasure. At the end of it all, it was a really really good day. 

Tomorrow I’ll get time with a sister and have another Christmas performance to see. I’ll make time to get some writing in as well. Tomorrow will be another good day, after a good night’s sleep. Be well my friends!


Erika the Unicorn Queen 

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