100 Days of Joy: Day Twelve

“Give yourself permission to fail, because success is right around the corner.”

A lot of times before a breakthrough, we reach a setback; a perceived failure or even “rock bottom.” At that time you may be tempted to give up–don’t. It’s just the final exhaustion before reaching the top of the mountain.

Today has been Christmas-tastic! I had time with my sister, my Aunt and one of my cousins. There was laughter and shared stories over lunch and browsing at Barnes and Noble. While there I found an adorable book called “Uni the Unicorn.” It was an adorable story about a Unicorn that believed little girls were real. It may be meant for little girls, but reading it made me so happy and light up something inside. I embrace the positive, the color and belief in magic. 

This evening I went to a beautiful Christmas performance complete with choir, orchestra and 4 of the most amazing soloists I have ever heard. Not a single person faltered or cracked, united in song, the most glorious music filled the massive church. So many people came out, they had to open the back doors to let people watch from the lobby and the halls lined with people standing. I’ve never seen anything like it and it made my heart soar.

Then, when the “Hallelujah Chorus” began, everyone was on their feet, it was like you could hear the Angels sing. Hallelujah!

I’ve had the honor of singing in a choir for the “Hallelujah Chorus” twice so far in my life. I remember the second time I was so giddy and excited, playing it everywhere I went to practice my part. There is something truly powerful about all those voices calling out in celebration. 

To make today even better, I set my radio to the Christmas station and sang along to all kinds of Christmas songs. I don’t have hardly any presents bought or decorations up, but the spirit is alive inside and around me all the same. 

Things go wrong. I got to work yesterday and spilled coffee down my white shirt. Sometimes I’m seemingly paralyzed with no want or will to do anything. The difference now is, I don’t let those things keep me down. I acknowledge what is before me and I move forward. And the good things I focus on instead of downs. I feel note peaceful and confident with this mindset. 

How about you, any Christmas shopping done? Is your tree up? Send me pictures of your Christmas decorations and spread joy and peace this season. 


Erika the Unicorn Queen 

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