100 Days of Joy: Day Thirteen

Being a mom of a 5 year old and trying to accomplish things above and beyond responsibilities is hard. Hell, regular day to day is hard as well as working a full time job. Between work, homework and regular care, my week is shot. The weekends are my “free time”, consumed with catching up on what I couldn’t during the week and getting a little time with my boys. 

I had a moment today. My son was down for a nap and my man went out with a friend. I sat in my cozy bowl chair, logged into my MacBook and pulled up the word document containing a book I’m in the process of writing. Finally, I was in my zone and ready to go.

“Mommy.” He was awake–

Not wanting to lose the moment, I squeezed him into my chair and set him up to watch something with headphones. It was a struggle trying to write and care for him, but we made it work enough for me to get a chapter complete. 

Tomorrow it’s back to work, and like before I’m heading to a positive week filled with progress! And with fresh painted nails. 

What will you be doing to make this an amazing week? Let’s make it count!


Erika the Unicorn Queen 

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