100 Days of Joy: Day Fourteen 

This morning tested me! I was unable to sleep last night until almost 2am. So I slept in late, still waking with far too little sleep. As I tried to stretch the sleep from my body, I wrote and spoke positivity into my day. Monday was not going to get me, not even with little sleep before a busy day. 

I got up, gave my son food before hopping in the shower, getting myself and him ready in record time. I even did all my makeup!

To brighten the mood a little, I also had some upbeat music going. It helped!

We go to the car, everything running surprisingly smoothly, he has one foot inside it when he said, “I have to go potty.”

I am the type of person that can go from good to panic in a second, this was one of those times. I rushed him inside, giving myself a pep talk to not freak out. I did a lot of self talk while I waited for him, remaining externally calm to spread it internally. I remained kind and a few minutes later we were back out the door.

He was to school in time and I off to work. It was a good day, I didn’t let the morning’s frustrations get me down, and the rest of it ran smoothly. 

After school, my son helped me sort nuts in bags for lunch and we baked cookies. He was so happy and it made me happy. The day was a success!

Something I’ve noticed since starting this challenge is the difference in my attitude and relationship with both my boys, especially my husband. I find emotionally, I feel so much more attached to him and my responses to things are more calm and loving, rather than being easily riled. 

I highly recommend a positive outlook to everyone! Speak health, wealth and love into your life everyday and train your mind to see the beauty it has to offer. Shake off the frustrations and move forward. Learn to let go of anger, refusing to let feelings harm the good you have within and around you. I’m finding it works!

I also took the time to get a little more writing in before time with my husband. Consistency is key to anything, and I’m striving to add more and more good habits in every day. So much farther to go, but I’m loving the journey!

Take that, Monday!


Erika the Unicorn Queen 

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