100 Days of Joy: Day Sixteen

Today I randomly laughed for no reason at all. I was sitting at my desk feeling so happy, and it swelled so large it just exited me in a laugh. A happy laugh.

With this positive attitude I’m not only happy, but I see the world at my feet with every possibility in front of me. 

I’ve found it takes a conscious effort to keep positive as well as to squeeze things into your routine to better yourself, whether that be more time with loved ones, incorporating healthy habits, or making efforts for a better future–your dreams. I tend to bite off more than I can chew when it comes to this. I’ll try to go from just getting by to trying to do everything I want to do all at once. It never lasts. So now I’m trying it differently. Incorporating single things at a time. Like this blog, being consistent every day. And now that I’m doing that, making time for my book as well. Tackling certain projects at home I’ve been putting off. Any little thing to move me in the direction of my better life. 

Now I want to follow up on a question I asked around the time this first began. I asked how you stay positive while dealing with difficult people. The answer: Be positive and kind to those who want to bring you down. Set the boundaries of standard, only allowing good around you. Yes, difficult conversations have to be had sometimes, but it’s how they are had. Are you talking through things calmly with an effort for a positive resolution? Or is it merely a fight to bring both down and cause destruction?

So far, being the kind word has turned some things around. And I cannot tell you how much less stress I have since trusting fate–or God’s plan, rather than worrying over things outside my control. 

For example, today I had my yearly evaluation at work. This is something that would normally stress me the fuck out. Even my monthly check ins leave me anxious. But this time, I decided not to worry. I spoke so many positive words leading up to my eval. I said it was going to go well and I had faith in myself and my performance over the last year. That was my focus, not the normal fear of the unknown. 

I walked in happy, I walked out ecstatic! My review was so good, it had to be approved by my boss, my boss’s boss, and his boss! Which they did, and I had an outstanding review along with approval for my promotion to the next representative level! 

Be happy. Be focused on the right things. Be ambitious and take every opportunity to learn and grow. Be amazing and push through even when it gets hard. It will be worth it when you realize you are worth it and things start to come together. 

Today was an outstanding day, and my amazing life has only just begun.


Erika the Unicorn Queen 

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