100 Days of Joy: Day Seventeen

It’s been over two weeks since I started this challenge, and as of now, it has improved my life immensity. Perhaps it’s just because I’m letting go of anger and stress, focusing on the good and trusting it to stay, but I do believe life is better in general. 

I wake up and before getting out of bed, I think im my head what I will do, both in the morning and through my day, in order to bring value and make it count. Instead of just living or spending every day like it’s my last, I’m bringing value and light to my days and working toward my future. 

It’s not some big secret and I wish everyone would do it. It’s amazing how such a seemingly small thing can make such a difference. 

As for today, work went well, I was happy. Got pretty bored there near the end and had to change it up a bit, but I was good. And after, I got to come home and write a while since my son had a thing with friends. It was peaceful and amazing. 

Tomorrow is Friday, most people like Friday, I’m ready for a good tomorrow and amazing weekend. 

Have anything exciting going on this weekend? Let me know!

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Erika the Unicorn Queen 

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