100 Days of Joy: Day Nineteen

Today we played in the snow and it was beautiful. It was the kind of snow that left branches and leaves accented just like a winter wonderland. Something about it made me happy even with the cold. It was magic.

We stayed warm inside most of the day, and I taught my son how to play War. We used Minion cards. Later we went and got our Christmas tree.
Together as a family we decorated the tree while listening to Christmas music. My husband played the fruit cake song and I played the Relient K version of 12 Days of Christmas. Both had our son dancing around the living room with joy and giggles. It was such a wonderful night spent together. 

After that, my mood took a huge dip. Sometimes that happens. But instead of just moping like I wanted, I pulled up Ellen’s YouTube and listened to her monologues. That woman is so funny! Seriously, there was one point that I laughed till I cried. 

I’m ready for Christmas, so excited for what it has to offer. This season will be the best yet! Just remember; if you’re down, watch Ellen. 


Erika the Unicorn Queen 

PS oh and I almost forgot! I picked up the cutest Elf shoes. Check them out.

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