100 Days of Joy: Day Twenty

Take the time to cry sometimes, tears cleanse and release sadness and hurt. No matter how positive a person, you’ll still go through sadness, anger and pain. The thing about a positive life is that you don’t stew in it. You feel the emotions , you deal with the emotions, you let go and move forward. Depending on the situation that may be a longer process then others. There is obviously a huge difference between losing a loved one and having your feelings hurt.

I started this day with tears, but then did my makeup, dressed up and went to church. We sang Christmas songs, and seeing the sincere smiles on the faces of the band members as they sang made it so much more wonderful. You could feel their joy through their worship. 

My mom and siblings came to visit this afternoon. Getting time with my mom is always wonderful. It made me happy to get to talk and spend time with them. 

This evening we saw more friends, watched some Ellen and played some games. At the end of the day, it was a good one. 

Sadly, I now have a worsening headache and don’t feel well. I’m going to get some good rest tonight though and be ready for a wonderful day tomorrow! Remember, Monday doesn’t own us, we own it!


Erika the Unicorn Queen 

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