100 Days of Joy: Twenty-One

Right now, I don’t feel good and my throat hurts from getting my braces tightened today. But yeah, I got my braces tightened today–because my teeth are lining up. So I may feel like shit as my face adjusts to the new pull, but I’m happy. 

I had resigned myself to the fact that my teeth would be crooked forever, years ago. All my life I’d wondered what I would look like with straight teeth– I thought I’d never know. My father had other priorities in life, my teeth and health on the back burner to his wants. It was one of those things that I told myself and others that I was okay with. It was real and honest, I thought. Who I was. But deep in my gut, it hurt. I shoved it down because admitting it would do nothing, but it hurt. It was embarrassing. For a long time I thought no one would ever love me or find me beautiful because of it. I even thought I’d never be hired for a job because of how awful they were. 

But I got a job. Then I got another job. I fell in love with a handsome man who ended up loving me too and we married. It’s still hard to look at my wedding pictures sometimes, that one tooth poking out like a sore thumb, but he didn’t care. He loved me and he saw me as beautiful. 

I was hired by a few more people before settling where I’ve been now for over two and a half years. And it was only after I had accomplished all of these things that a miracle happened and I got braces!

I’ve had them for a year now. The difference in my confidence is remarkable. As soon as I had them on I was smiling wide for the camera, something I would never do before. I’d be happy and smile as best I could, but my lips would be pressed shut. I didn’t realize the difference until I saw the comparison. It was like a light was lit in my face. 

A year in and I am beyond amazed! That one tooth that I hated the most is now in line with the rest. A back tooth that was literally turned down and under another has been lined up. All together they’re getting pulled into place. 

So yeah, it hurts; but I couldn’t be happier or more grateful. In a year I’m due to have them removed and I’ll be left with a beautiful, straight and glowing smile. 

Today is physically rough, but it’s another amazing day. And it’s only getting better!


Erika the Unicorn Queen 

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