100 Days of Joy: Day Twenty-Three

This morning I started my day by listening to John Crist and Tim Hawkins comedy. I slept and woke with a new determination.

I made good time and work wasn’t bad. Making progress on projects and got to make a couple Christmas cards for some of our patient’s. I love the caring spirit that is the foundation of all we do. 

Then I was emailed about the family my team is adopting for Christmas. What this means is, we have chosen a family to provide food, clothes and presents for Christmas and whatever they may need. We do this every year for a few of our patients, but this year, my heart shattered when I read the story. There is a 4 year old girl in the home that they can afford to feed but not much more. Reading about her hit home for me, all those Christmases without presents and barely enough to get by. I wish I could shower this little girl in toys, clothes and happiness. I have comfort knowing I can be a part of this at least for this year. 

No Child should wake up to an empty tree, or no tree at all. No Child should be without warmth. For my part, I will do what I can for the lives I can touch. 


Erika the Unicorn Queen 

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