100 Days of Joy: Day Twenty-Eight

The problem isn’t the presence of darkness, but the absence of light. -Natalie Grant

There is so much good in this world, and often times the bad things seem to spread faster and reach farther. That is why perspective is so important. Look at your blessings, at the everyday miracles around you. Look at the sky that’s ever changing, the sun that brings warmth and the moon that creates the waves of the ocean. Look at the grass, the flowers and the trees, a perfect tapestry. Look at the orphan child that was adopted and now has a family, the woman who was told she shouldn’t be alive today but still is, and the man who was told he’d never walk, but he dances. 

A wonderful thing about Christmas is a lot of people open their hearts to others. Plenty could argue that this should be an all year thing, but at least we have Christmas to remind us we are all human, loved and able to spread kindness to others. Tonight I wrapped up a cute outfit and American Girl doll for that little girl my team at work “adopted” to give her a beautiful Christmas. I thought back to my childhood, all those Christmases that never brought presents. As a child I didn’t understand it, all my friends getting these new toys and I woke up to an empty tree (If there even was a tree) and lost hopes. 

Obviously life is different now. I’m blessed to be able to give my son an amazing Christmas every year, and having the ability to help create a Christmas for this little girl that wouldn’t have one otherwise, it warms my heart to know I can help make that difference for her. 

It’s officially the last week before Christmas. We are getting into the last hustle and bustle of last minute shopping and parties. But don’t get too lost, don’t go so fast that you can’t enjoy it or forget about those in need. And take the time to reflect upon the real reason for the season: Jesus. 


Erika the Unicorn Queen 

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