5 Tips to a Happy Marriage 

After five years of a very up and down marriage, my husband and I have cracked the code and life is perfect! Not really–but we have learned and grown a thousand times from when we met almost eight years ago now. Here are some lessons we have learned. 

1. Have your own bathrooms.

We have a son, so I am the only girl in a home with two men. Not only that, I’m about as girly of a girl you can find. Basically, my bathroom is trashed with makeup, tampons and glitter. My husband is borderline ocd and it makes him crazy. Actually, my son too, he is always telling me to clean my bathroom. Even moments after I have cleaned it. All that to say, have your own private corner to do your business, shower and get yourself ready. Bonas: You’re not waiting on the other person to finish so you can can get ready. 👄💅🤳

2. Respect the blanket. 

I don’t mean what you think I mean. 

What I actually mean is, do you live with a blanket hog? Do you wake up in the middle if the night naked and freezing while your spouse is next to you, wrapped like a burrito and sound asleep? Yeah, so did my husband and it was impossible to take any covers back. I remember waking one morning to my poor husband with a corner of our blanket covering his middle cause he couldn’t get any more. 

Now, each of us have our own blanket. Same bed, separate covers. We both stay close, warm and haven’t had a single fight about cover hogging since. 💝

3. Invest in a white board. 

Okay I’m really serious with this one. It’s a trick I learned from an older married couple with multiple children. You have a white board up in a high traffic area, and you keep upcoming dates, events and other reminders. It helps you both stay on the same page and keep your schedules straight. Communication! 👏

4. Stay connected.

A good morning text at work, a phone call at lunch, a dirty picture and verbal foreplay, whatever it may be. Just make sure you’re checking in, letting your spouse know that they may be away, but they’re still on your mind. 😉

5. Marriage over kids. 

The first time I heard this, I thought the person was crazy. We have the responsibility to raise a child to be ready to take on the adult world, and we’re supposed to think of our marriage first? 

Yes actually, for a couple of reasons. One, your children are effected by how your relationship and interactions are. You’re also showing them an example for their future. But two, your kids will grow up and leave. Marriage is till the end and if you neglect one another, the child will leave for college and you’ll be left with a stranger. 

Obviously don’t neglect your kids. Just make sure your parenting isn’t neglecting your marriage. 💏

That’s all I have for now, but leave a comment letting me know some of your tricks to a lasting and happy marriage. 


Erika the Unicorn Queen 

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