The Greatest Showman: An Outstanding Review

I think I speak for most people when I say, the box office has produced more disappointments than gems in recent years. What used to be clever, witty and capturing, seems to have fallen to predictable, over sold and just down right disastrous. Until now.


I knew from the trailer that “The Greatest Showman” was going to be good. But when I went to see it this evening, it overwhelmed my expectations until I was left with a souring heart. Where many movies start slow, laying groundwork before really giving you what you came for, this movie pulled you in immediately. Hugh Jackman, the man who continues to outdo himself, capturing your attention with power and poise before the entire screen is engulfed in lights, color and dance.


The music was captivating, the performances unreal. As I sat there watching the story unfold, my heart danced along to every song. And then when Troy Bol–er, Zac Efron began singing and performing in a classic bar next to Hugh Jackman, my inner 15 year old threw a fit of joy! It wasn’t just a movie, it was real, and it made you come alive.


The voices were remarkable, not only telling the story, but expressing every emotion until you’re crying the song right along with every character. It was magic. Truly, The Greatest Show.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to turn on the soundtrack. And set it to repeat.


The Unicorn Queen


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