Letter to my Husband’s Phone

Dear Phone,

It’s me, the woman laying behind you. I see how my husband looks at you, all day long, while we’re lying in bed. You don’t make him happy, but he can’t take his eyes off you. What is your secret and do you see me behind you? The way my eyes stare into his averted ones, just begging to catch them and perhaps be the center of his attention again. It is not personal, I understand what you do for him, I just wish somehow that he could see, I’m on the other side loving, hoping, waiting… if you could send him a message, tell him that I miss him. Tell him that I want time with him, to be in his arms and the center of his world. I know it sounds selfish, and I know I can’t give him what you do, but that doesn’t change how much I need him and want him.

Thank you for listening and providing all the knowledge and communication that you do. You are really smart, phone. You provide security, entertainment and information beyond what we could ever take in. You do a lot. But I love my man more. Nothing personal.


The Woman Behind You

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