Superbowl #SelfieKid

You know that moment when something happens and you just know it will be a meme by the end of the night. I think we all knew yesterday when Justin Timberlake started singing with a kid who clearly knew none of his lyrics — it was going to trend. It is also proof of how unfair the world truly is. Millions have watched, listened and loved JT for years, then he goes up to the one kid who doesn’t know the lyrics at the freaking Superbowl.

Congratulations to the Patriots on their 8th Superbowl with a record breaking 5 wins and the G.O.A.T. quarterback. And congratulations to the Philly Eagles on their win. It was a well fought game.

Now, let’s see yesterday’s winning memes:

This kid’s name is Ryan McKenna and you can find him on Snapchat.

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