Why I Believe In Unicorns — and why you should too

People think it’s silly that I believe in Unicorns. And yeah, it is. But it doesn’t change how much I adore them. Because when I see a Unicorn, I see light and life, I see limitless possibilities and the freedom to fly. I see love and color. Unicorns remind us that there is a little bit of magic inside all of us. A little hope and truth. All we have to do is claim it.

When life gets dark, when the sun wants to hide behind the rain, my inner Unicorn helps keep me alive and positive. Because no matter how dark it is outside, it can’t touch the Unicorn jumping a rainbow inside our soul.

So surround yourself with Unicorns, or whatever it is that expresses the joy inside you. Remember to shine and spread kindness to all around you.

This painting I did tonight following a shitty day to remind me of the life inside and bring me back. Go, my friends. Live.


Erika the Unicorn Queen

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