Write for The Unicorn Haired Blogger!

We want to celebrate life, love and happiness. Whether it’s an inspirational story, your own love story, music or style that should be celebrated, send writings and pictures in and you may be featured! Be sure to include your socials so you are credited.

Here are more details about what we’re looking for:

1. Hair and style.

Are you or someone you know obsessed with hair, makeup and clothes? Does it stand out, do you make it your own? Write about it! Or just send us the pictures with information, we might write about it!


2. Love story

Whether you’ve been married an hour or 60 years, we want to celebrate your journey. Send us your story unicornhairandlattes@gmail.com and some pictures too! You might get featured.

3. Inspirational stories

The bad news is easy to find, we want to change that. So if you know a story that will inspire or someone trying to make positive change, share it! You’ll probably get featured!


Bonus: music lovers

The music world is saturated, but there are some gems. Whether it’s celebrating a forgotten song or someone new, send us your article.

Don’t forget to include your name and social information so we can give you proper credit! Cannot wait to read your story.


The Unicorn Queen

PS ***new ideas accepted.

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