Hair Color Adventures–the halfie

For my birthday, I went to my friend Anna at Chakras Spa for another hair adventure! It was time for a change. Take a look below to see how it went!

My hair has grown a lot since I last saw Anna. And what was once purple, is now cotton candy pink.

Despite how much it lightened, we had to remove the old color to get it to where we want it.

Which means cooking for a bit. 😂

While we are on the subject of Anna, look at her hair! Also, perfect nails and Starbucks shootout! #BirthdayVibes

It’s a lot lighter now, but there will have to be bleach before we can finally start that color.

My poor scalp was done already. But we weren’t. Beauty is pain!

And what is a birthday without two stylists blow drying your hair at once?

Getting there. We were ready for color!

Always use Snapchat filters with your stylist. It’s just so cute!!

With the color on, it was time to bake again.

It took a long time, but look where we got!

Follow me on Instagram to see many more photos over the following days 😁😁 @unicornhairandlattes

And you can find Anna on Instagram @annas_aura be sure to look for the Unicorn head. That was me too. 😉


Erika the Unicorn Queen

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