Time to Believe: Catie Turner Inspires

This quirky girl named Catie Turner came on American Idol. She is a singer/songwriter, unique and 100% brilliant! She shines bright when she smiles and reaches the moon when she sings. She received so much hate for being herself, for not fitting into the statuesque of how to look, dress or act. But she was herself and as herself she shined. And as herself, she inspired Katy Perry who ended up requesting to collaborate with Catie!
Any feelings of the show or the singer you may have put aside and just think about this; the world will try to put you into a cookie cutter of what it believes you should be. And while I still don’t support being a complete imbosol, (I sure hope you know the difference) the best thing you can do is be honestly, exactly, fearlessly who you are. Every color, every quirk, every scar. And when the world says you have to change, or you’ll never add up to anything, watch this video. This girl was told she was talentless and dressed like a grandma. Then she was asked by one of her favorite singers if they could sing together. And she is just today’s example. Countless others have lived similar stories.
So press on, fearless warrior! Never give up. And live. ♡

Katy and Catie “Part of Me”

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