My First Father’s Day Card

I am 27 years old, and today I bought my dad a father’s day card for the first time. Sure, as a child, I am sure I made him cards. But today is the first time I ever went to the store and bought him a card—probably for anything.

It may seem like something to breeze past, but for me, it was a big deal. For the past 10 years my dad and I have had a strained, often non-existent relationship. Before February of this year, we had not spoken in 5 years. We have not seen each other in 8.

This is not some miraculous story of an amazing reunion which led to an amazing relationship. The relationship between me and my dad is certainly strained, there are a lot of boundaries and since speaking on the phone in February, we have only spoken 5 times. But there is something about that. Something about the careful, the slow, the steady steps and side stepped potholes.

Every child, no matter how old, needs their father. And even if it is a cautious, surface relationship; it is a relationship.

Picking out the card was hard. Most cards talk about how their dad is the best, or has always been there for them. These do not apply. But I found a card, one that expressed love even though life took us in different directions. The sentiment was perfect.

So I bought my dad the father’s day card and dropped it in the mail. A small piece of me was glued back in place.

Happy Father’s Day!

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