A Symbol of Hope—A Life of Truth

By Erika Sams

Like many others, I was shocked but not surprised when word broke that Demi had overdosed in late July. Although this had followed 6 years of sobriety, she had just released a song “Sober” which many saw as a confessional. As one who struggles with depression and impulsive behavior myself, I felt her words deeply and knew the danger in every line.

I am a couple years older than Demi, but like thousands of others, have had a connection to her through her journey, as I’ve struggled through some of the same or similar things. I’ve been inspired by her honesty. Her music and story give me hope.

But I also know that stubbornness and denial. As well as knowing that to come this far only to fall, it can seem to shameful to admit; or perhaps you think you should be able to handle it on your own.

Again I will say, there are many stories and reports, some may be true and some may not. It may be that Demi’s heart is not in it. She’s going through the motions to make everyone happy, but she isn’t willing to admit she is as bad as she is. I fear how bad she has to get if that is the case.

When I saw she had overdosed and we were all waiting to hear news, I feared we had lost her. I hope we don’t, but to be honest, right now I am worried. She can pull through, and I hope she does. But the only way she will is if she fights through. Everyone around her can give everything they have; every person in the world can speak every good word, but it won’t be enough unless she decides to fight for herself.

Either way, it won’t be easy. She will need time, understanding and support.

Stay strong, Demi. You are not alone.

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